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Winterhill DATV Receiver Client

This is a windows client for Winterhill, an Opensource Multi-channel DATV receiver based on the Raspberry Pi 4. Have a look here for more information on the Winterhill Receiver Project. The client provides a way to view and control the 4 channels. This includes a basic integration of a quick tune spectrum window for easy tuning on the Oscar 100 satellite.

Note: This is an experimental release. Expect issues.

Raspberry PI Setup

The client requires some changes on your existing Winterhill Receiver software. I suggest you use a new SD card to setup your OS for use with the client. Eventually the changes should be merged back into the official Winterhill Software.

Follow the setup instructions in the manual as usual, with the following exception:

wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/tomvdb/winterhill/main/install_winterhill.sh
chmod +x install_winterhill.sh
./install_winterhill.sh -d

Basic Usage

At the very least you need to update the settings of the client to point the IP to the IP of your Winterhill receiver.


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Download – 2022/06/21


2022/06/21 – Initial Public Testing Version

Credits & Thanks

Thanks to the following individuals who have spent a lot of time to help test the client:

Martin – G4FKK
Bert – PA3AOD

Credit to Brian (G4EWJ) who designed the original Winterhill Software
Credit to Phil (M0DNY) for his original longmynd websocket code that I used and modified.